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Content can disappear on the internet! It can be removed by the platform or the user. Do you want to keep important posts safe? Make your own copy using our auto-archiver

Archive to your own (or ours) Google Drive, Amazon S3 or Local Filesystem - full support included

Download all images, video and a screenshot from public posts on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Telegram and VKontakte.

  • 1. Enter web addresses into a google sheet
  • 2. See auto-archiver spring into action
  • 3. Open up screenshot in your drive.

Facebook content taken offline - you never want to see this - let us help


The automated archiver provides my students with a simple method to collect and store authentic open-source intelligence (OSINT) data. Storing all the data in a spreadsheet enables everyone to access it simultaneously, without requiring any tools to be installed on students' machines. Dave and the team provide exceptional service ensuring the seamless operation of all systems.

Prof. Jay D. Aronson; Founder and Director, Center for Human Rights Science; Carnegie Mellon University; Pittsburgh, PA

Using the auto-archiver has allowed me and my team to save images and videos more efficiently compared to our previous manual process, which involved hashing and copying them to secure storage. Without the auto-archiver, processing over 36,000 links in the past year would have been impractical. Our streamlined approach has saved a considerable amount of analyst hours, allowing them to focus on critical analysis rather than repetitive tasks

Kayleigh de Ruiter, Data Administrator, Centre for Information Resilience, London

We were assisted by Dave in setting up our cloud-based auto-archiver server, which currently stores around 6800 videos. The scripting and archiving process has gone smoothly, and it has been a total god-send for the project

James R. Walker, PhD. Post-Doctoral Fellow, International Politics of Human Rights, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Cameran Ashraf , Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Public Policy / Central European University, Human Rights Lead, Wikimedia Foundation

Twitter Demo

You will see that archiving a page is as simple as copying and pasting the URL into a spreadsheet.

YouTube version of video.

Facebook Demo

A public Facebook url containing 3 images can easily be archived, with your own naming strategy. No more confusion, no more frustration. Get organised and start archiving today.

Since Feb 2022

Total Links processed: over 100,000

Total images and video: over 3TB

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Human Rights

Open source information has completely transformed investigations into serious human rights violations. Evidence gathered by ordinary citizens and shared online has been used in prosecutions for war crimes and crimes against humanity both domestically and internationally.

One of the big challenges is the time lag between information being posted online and investigations or prosecutions.

The Auto-Archiver aims to bridge that gap by helping human rights NGOs and investigators to quickly preserve useful and relevant content.


Our core mission is to help human rights organisations with digital archiving

Keep your own secure copy of all social media links.

Easy to use spreadsheet system

Multi user

Our preconfigured templates can help you get up and running quickly

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Investigative Journalists

Investigative journalists often focus on reporting on human rights abuses and violations. They investigate and expose instances of government oppression, discrimination, and mistreatment of individuals and groups. They bring attention to issues such as police brutality, human trafficking, and other human rights abuses. Their reporting can serve as a catalyst for social and political change by raising awareness and promoting accountability.

They also play an important role in monitoring and protecting the enjoyment of human rights by individuals and communities, by bringing to light instances where those rights are being violated. In this way, investigative journalism can play a crucial role in promoting and protecting human rights, and ensuring that individuals are able to live with dignity and justice.


We work with investigative journalists

Let us help you make sure that none of your sources disappear, so you have a copy.

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Our origins started with an academic research collaboration, OSR4Rights, funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council. In that project, we developed a suite of tools for open source human rights investigators, with support from the Research Wales Innovation Fund.

The auto-archiver is based on open-source archiving code developed by the great programmers at Bellingcat

After extending it to use Google Drive, and writing the Facebook archiver, we are now offering it commercially to organisations that do not have the programming skills to turn the code to an in-house archiving system

The Team

Dave Mateer (founder of has been writing web based software for over 20 years. From multinational banks in London to government agriculture projects in New Zealand

After working in large organisations Dave likes working in small teams where you get to speak to the person writing the code and maintaining the systems. You don't have to pay the tax for working with a large organisation.

There are many people helping in this endeavour - I'd like to thank: Yvonne, Phil, Ellie, Miguel, Logan, Kayleigh


Free - demo for 1 month. Commonly we get written into grant proposals, so are happy to extend demos if this is important to your cause.

GBP£92 / USD$120 per month for unlimited links. Including the Facebook archiver. Annual pricing £920 / $1200 (2 months free).

GBP£220 / USD$260 per month for 2 dedicated servers (1 a specialised Facebook archiver) and unlimited links. When policy dictates segregation from other peoples servers, and for speed. Annual pricing £2200 / $2600 (2 months free)

Please contact us below for your on-prem or cloud server. Includes all initial setup within your environment, regular maintenance and support.

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"This tool is fantastic", it saves countless hours of tedious clicking. Our focus is on Human Rights Investigations where our aim is to improve the world. A heartfelt thank you to all investigators who tackle a challenging and emotionally trying job. Your efforts are making a significant impact.